Smack That – Featuring My Little Sister

I thought I would throw this video clip up just for fun. This video was recorded over six years ago, so my little sister (who is featured in this video) has most likely learned her lesson by now.

I wanted to show you how sometimes we have our “Duh” moment. We know that there’s something better for us out there in the world somewhere, but oftentimes we don’t know how to get it. Once we’ve come to that crossroad, we realize the method was a lot easier than we thought. All we had to do was put in some real effort behind it and remain consistent.

What exactly am I talking about?

I’m talking about finding YOUR success!

If you can draw anything from this blog, learn this: IT’S NOT AS DIFFICULT AS YOU MAKE IT SEEM. You can do it, my friend… You simply need to sit down and figure it out!

Or slap yourself in the forehead, like my baby sister did…

[youtube id=”J-yZJgzkU8M” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

The choice is yours! 😉

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