E3 2015: My Thoughts On This Year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo

Earlier this week, e3 hit the scene showing off some of tomorrow’s upcoming tech and game goodies, but we’re going to focus on some of the highlights that I was most excited about.

Here’s my Top 3!

1) Star Fox Zero!!!

Confession, I am a big Star fox fanboy! I enjoyed every Star fox game, including the dreaded Star fox Assault for Gamecube that everyone hated… Yes, most of the missions are on land instead of in the actual Arwing but it was Star fox; to me, didn’t matter!

Anyway, it looks like this time around, Star fox is going to play on what the fans have been clamoring for by sticking to the classic shoot e’m-up arcade style that made the game famous from the SNES days.

What’s great about Star Fox Zero is all the elements borrowed from previous games, including the never-released Star fox 2 for SNES that was actually completed but didn’t make it to store shelves.

The thing where the Arwing transforms into a walker-type of robot is straight from Star fox 2, for example. Same thing with the “All-range mode” which actually did appear in all Star fox games after the original from SNES.

This may look "new" to some, but to anyone who knew about the cancelled Star Fox 2 for SNES, this is harken back to the glory days which says a lot about this upcoming release!

This may look “new” to some, but to anyone who knew about the cancelled Star Fox 2 for SNES, this is harken back to the glory days which says a lot about this upcoming release!

While the preview videos show a lot of familiar faces and scenery, what’s not familiar is said to be the actual game play mechanics. Using the screen on your game pad, you control the direction of your arsenal in cockpit view while you navigate your ship using the TV screen as a guide.

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Who’s to say if Andross will make an appearance, but I will say that I’m very excited and while I don’t have a Wii U… this is the one and only game that may very well sway my decision in purchasing one!

2) Shenmue III !!! 

Another confession: I’m an even bigger SEGA fanboy! Back in the game wars of the 90s, I was loyal to the Blue blur over the Big N (only 90s fans will get those nicknames). I was all about the campaign that said, “Sega does what Nintendon’t”

My heart ached when SEGA became overzealous and released console after console – but when the Dreamcast came out… There was no other game console that cold top it!

One of the most prominent and anticipated games of the Dreamcast was Shenmue, an incredibly epic RPG that introduced some game elements that many games use today like QTE (Quick-Time Events) and free range with alternate events and storylines.

Shenmue II was a Japanese import that never made it to the states due to SEGA pulling the plug on the Dreamcast shortly after, although it did make an appearance on the original Xbox.

Fourteen years later, Yu Suzuki the creator of Shenmue has finally announced the third installment! The first Shenmue game costs MILLIONS to make so in order to make Shenmue III fully possible, Yu Suzuki put the fate of the game to the gamers by promoting a Kickstarter event for it. Suffice to say, they more than fulfill their necessary funds and development is well underway! It’s coming to Playstation 4 and PC exclusively 🙂

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3) Kingdom Hearts 3! 

So yes… I like Nintendo, SEGA… and Disney. I’m obviously a fan of the House of Mouse and Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite Playstation titles. Now, Square – Enix is working on Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Playstation 4 and I will be one of the fans lined up waiting to get it!

Just the prospect of it all – getting to play with all my favorite Disney characters.. and with new characters introduced all the time thanks to Disney / Pixar’s annual movie releases… I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar faces from awesome movies like UP, Big Hero Six and dare I say, Frozen???

Ohhh yes!

Did you enjoy this year’s e3? What was your favorite announcement? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!