Eye Popping Subject Titles For Your E-Mails

What’s part of your daily routine as you go up and about your day with your trusty mobile device by your side? Well, you check on your latest notifications – whether that’s your latest blog feeds, social media updates, text messages or your latest e-mails sitting in your virtual inbox.

Now imagine how many of these updates you’re going through: You’re a busy person, you like all your info up front and ready for you and you especially don’t appreciate anyone wasting your oh-so limited time… and what’s worse than an e-mail that was sent to you that doesn’t take any of this into consideration!

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Writing A Great E-Mail From The Very Beginning

With e-mail, it all starts with the subject title.

Here's a screenshot of one of my inboxes this morning...

Here’s a screenshot of one of my inboxes this morning…

As you can see, visually, this can be a bit exhausting. I wake up to a ton of new e-mails daily and I just can’t give each one the careful consideration of reading through them one-by-one…

What I do is I quickly glance over the subject titles from this view, see who sent them and if something sticks out at me, I’ll click to check it out… BUT the key thing here the subject title needs to grab my attention FIRST.

I’m sure you’re the same way.

So now let’s tackle how to write a compelling and eye-popping subject title for our e-mail…

Examples of Eye Popping Subject Titles

An element to writing an eye popping subject title is to create a sense of urgency. If a person glances their e-mails and there’s nothing really prompting them to open your e-mail, then you need to create one to create the condition that if they don’t read your e-mail immediately, they themselves would be missing out on something big!

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  • Hurry! This offer will expire in 24 hours…
  • I might change my mind if you don’t take advantage of this limited offer.
  • Only letting the next 15 people in on this!
  • The price is going to go up tomorrow!
  • Your 50% discount is about to expire!

Now tell me those e-mail titles don’t make you want to click on them already… even though they’re just examples!

So you’re hitting on a sense of urgency that if they don’t take advantage of opening your e-mail, they are the ones who are missing out instead of you missing out on reaching them.

Another way to write your subject titles is to touch on emotion. This can be done in numerous ways. You can compliment them, be humorous with them, or evoke relief if you’re providing a service that can help them with their current condition. It all depends on your business.

Here’s some examples of all three mixed in: 

  • I’m so glad I get to connect with you…
  • You’re the best and you deserve this…
  • I’ve gotta show you something that’s gonna make you fart…
  • Wanna see something funny?
  • How tired are you doing this every day?
  • Here’s your ticket to freedom
  • Let me show you how I made it out
  • Your time of struggling is almost over

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What do you think of those examples? Did they make you want to click on them as well? Mind you,  the key to a good subject title is dependent on the type of business you’re promoting. Some subject title examples I listed may have nothing to do with what you’re doing for business so obviously, don’t use them.

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Also, it’s important to experiment and tweak your subject titles. The point is, you want to be as compelling as possible if you want their eyes to be on your e-mail among the countless others sitting in your reader’s inboxes.

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