How my trip to Northpark Center changed my mind about higher class


Now, anyone who lives in Dallas, Texas may not share the same opinions as me, but for a dude like myself who grew up in the Bronx and had a pretty humble living thus far, I really got to enjoy my visit to Northpark Center today (otherwise known as Northpark Mall).

What NorthPark Center Showed Me This Weekend

I’ve been into entrepreneurship for little over two years now. When I first started my journey, I only wanted to create an alternative income to me having to waste away behind a desk or on my feet in retail at a typical 9-5 job.

My only desire was to be able to work from home so I can spend more time with my wife and daughter and be my own boss, but I found that came with some pretty harsh challenges.

One of those challenges is I began to realize my environment plays a huge part in why I am where I am financially. I’ve realized it’s important to consider who I let myself associate with because it’s those people who make up the sum of my belief system. No, it’s not their fault if I don’t believe in myself, but looking at it objectively – people in my circle believe the way of life is going to school and getting a job to work at till retirement… you know, the typical way of life.

That way of living has never suited me and I’ve always felt crazy and lazy for thinking that – why? Because people told me that. I’ve been fed those thoughts whether passively or directly through various people in my environment. As a result, I believed them.

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Being around a different environment that I define as upper class really brought me into a new experience.

I sampled a new way of living, if only for a moment…

And it felt life home.


NorthPark Center Opened My Vision For My Desired Lifestyle

It was an inspiring experience overall. I wouldn’t say Northpark is one of those “hawty-tawty” places with a bunch of bougie stuck-ups. Not at all. It just felt like a level above my current lifestyle. It felt like the next level, a higher lifestyle that is where I firmly believe I am going.

The whole ambience breathed a new life for me. If only for a moment I was able to capture the high class feel that I know I’m meant for – one where today’s struggles no longer matters… I say that because of course there are struggles in everything so more money doesn’t mean no more struggling – it simply means I can say good-bye to today’s problems once and for all.

That would be a welcome change.

From the art displays to officials working the floor, everything brimmed of this higher standard.

I know what some people from my environment would tell me – “Yes, Jason it’s nice to enjoy this experience and imagine how life would be like – but it’s not realistic. It’s just an experience.” 

Bull donkey. 

I used to buy into that thought all the time but, no more.

What you want – you can have.

You just gotta create a plan and work for it.

And boy am I working.