iPad Pro – Is It Enough To Increase Apple’s Tablet Sales?

Image Source: Apple

Image Source: Apple

There’s rumors circulating the web that a new iPad tablet from Apple is going to be making it’s way to their product line; the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Apparently, 3rd party companies are already making cases for this supposed Apple product as seen in Unbox Therapy’s YouTube video.

Now before you go “Holy cow, that’s HUGE” (that’s what she said, lol)… tablets reaching around 12 inches isn’t anything new. Among the other tech giants, Samsung has their 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro and Note Pro (same thing but with a stylus and slightly diff specs). In addition, there’s the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the ASUS EEE Slate EP121.

If the rumors are true, this would be Apple’s attempt to refresh their tablet line as sales have been steadily declining. While this may be a good move for Apple, some are skeptical if it’ll be enough to bring enough consumer interest.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is pretty optimistic though. While he touts about their new partnership with IBM, Tim also explains tablet upgrades don’t typically happen every year as with smartphones.

So what do you think? Will a 12.9-inch iPad Pro be enough to refresh their iPad line? Would you buy one? Discuss it in the comments section below!

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