Lunch In The Middle Of The Day? The Perks Of Being An Entrepreneur!

My wife and I decided to go out to lunch today to enjoy the beautiful day with our little girl, Melody. We went to this Mexican restaurant and as we got in and sat down, I noticed that the place… was …EMPTY.

“Where is everybody?” I thought… but as soon as I asked, I came up with an answer, “At work.”

It was admittingly kinda lonely but one perk to being one of the only families in the restaurant…



The FOOD came QUICK!!! 

That was pretty freaky but very welcomed! We had a great time together and as we ate, I started to dream with my wife about what things we can do as I continue to build my business and being able to afford more things.

I was thinking about one of my friends who always wanted this thing (not gonna give it away coz they are gonna know I’m talking about them) but I would LOVE to take this person out and just buy if them! Right there!

This is shaping up to be a good life, friends!

Watch My Video Below And See Just How EMPTY It Is In This Restaurant!

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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