When They Don’t Write Back – What Happens To Unsuccessful People?

This makes me laugh all the time…. But it also makes me feel sad (for them). I have a thriving internet business, and there’s a good chunk of people who see my vision, get excited and join – but they quit the very next month.

It’s staggering how people think at times, because these are people who are simply business hoppers… they go for the new shiny object in the industry. Problem here is, they jump from biz to biz, they never have time to make any money!

So logically, if someone was not seeing results with a company or product, that someone should contact their sponsor for some guidance right?

Well, I’ve gone to the point of being proactive – emailing THEM… multiple times – to no avail. These are people who emailed me several times prior to signing up but once they do… it’s like they’ve gone ghost.

Not sure what that phenomenon is all about, but I do find it strange.

Watch Today’s Video And Let Me Know Your Thoughts In The Comments Section Below:

[iframe id=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/X7b7oSXBQKY” align=”center” mode=”normal”]


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