Miley Cyrus Smoking Weed At MTV EMA

Okay, I promise not to make a habit of discussing pointless celebrity moments like this one, but in this case, I need to because of how much attention this train wreck is getting and how the minds of other girls are reacting to this poor good girl gone bad…

Also let me say that my issue isn’t so much that Miley Cyrus lit one on stage to elicit more controversy… I think we’re all pretty used to this crap by now.

My issue is that she got applause for doing it AND she got an award for BEST music video for Wrecking Ball!

Are You Kidding Me???

I know there are going to be some idiots who are going to judge me and say “Miley is just being Miley” and all that nonsense… those arguments are as far from intellectual as the recent exploits this former child star is committing.

One doesn’t simply choose to do drugs, parade around in skin tight clothing (and in the case of her music video … NO clothing)… there is a catalyst that caused her to be who she is now.

We need to wake up and realize when people are in danger and performing sick behavior, to not only identify it…. but also not be complete morons and PRAISE her for it, claiming she’s “being who she is and screw what anyone else thinks!”

Do I NEED to go into what happened to other most recent young female stars?

Okay, fine… roll ’em!

Britney Spears:


Lindsey Lohan:



Amanda Bynes:


Now Mind You, These Are Three BEAUTIFUL Young Women…

…but we need to open our eyes and be able to see the warning signs here. Hollywood isn’t all bubblegum mountains and candy canes… It’s an incredibly demanding field…

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You ever had peer pressure? Someone pushing you to smoke a joint? Drink some alcohol? Snort some crack?

Well, imagine that but a hundred times WORSE – THAT’S Hollywood!

The perks are great I’m sure.. financial freedom… you can afford a plane to fly you to your plane… A swimming pool within your swimming pool.. Bathe in chocolate if you wanted to… but the ugly side of Hollywood gets UGLY.

The list above are just some off the top of my head… There’s a repetitious pattern of celebrities who entered the industry as “sweet” and “innocent” individuals who were soon corrupted by the demands and harshness of the high life. Justin Bieber… Chris Brown… etc.

Point Of Today’s Blog Article?


You may think I’m a “hater”…. LMBO. You’re an idiot.

I want to see these women succeed and live happy lives.

If you think Miley Cyrus isn’t heading towards a similar fate as some of the women she’s admitted to idolizing (Britney Spears included) based on what she is now doing with all these public stunts… and you think that’s OKAY… and it’s OKAY for little girls to EMULATE this behavior…

Then God help this country.


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