Happy Veteran’s Day, Everyone!

iwomtsurubachiEvery year we celebrate what veterans had to go through to maintain our freedoms as a nation. Whether you agree with them or not… whether you are for the government or not… the purpose of this day isn’t for the government. It’s not for the discriminations you may have towards America or us as a country…

It’s about the Johns… the Smiths… the regular neighborhood boys who put their lives on the line for what they believed they were fighting for.

Again, we as a nation are a bit divided these days. It’s almost scary… but we can all at least agree that within the average American’s mind… within their morals and beliefs, they are fighting for their wives and children…

They are fighting for a free and independent America. They are fighting for the life and liberties to pursue dreams and benefit mankind.

Free from oppression and dictatorship.

We may have some growing concerns as a nation, especially in these days… but I think it goes without saying that compared to many nations around us, we are truly blessed to have what we have as Americans.

Life is never guaranteed without struggle, and so we struggle and at times it may seem worse than other times…

But we are free because of our veterans.

So if you know a veteran, give him / her a hug. Show them some love and thank them for putting their life on the line for ours.

Happy Veteran’s Day.

Veterans Day_1

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