YouTube Tips: How To Automate Your YouTube Channel So It Works 24/7

Ahh…Good Ol’ YouTube! Most people who know me here know me for my YouTube channel. That’s where it all began!

When people ask me how I got so popular and generated literally TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in ONE year… I tell them my BIG BIG secret:


Then I hear the common complaints….

Here’s an average conversation between me and someone who complains that YouTube isn’t working for them:

Them: What’s your SECRET?! How do you make so much money online?? TELL ME! I promise I won’t tell!!!

Me: YouTube.

Them: ….No, really. What’s the secret??? What do you use???

Me: Really, YouTube.

Them: ….Seriously? I don’t believe you.

Me: Why not? Wait, let me ask… How many videos do you have on your YouTube channel?

Them: Two.

Me: How long have you been working on this?

Them: Two weeks.


Them: …Yah, so what’s the secret?!?! TELL ME!!!!!!

Me: *facepalm*


The TRUTH Of Being Successful On YouTube

No matter WHAT – you HAVE TO build momentum in your business!!! When I became successful, all eyes were on me! People ask, insist, bribe, and beg me for answers on how I got to be so successful.. then when I tell them, they think I’m lying to them!

That’s because nobody saw me in the beginning. Nobody saw me grinding till 3am every night.

Nobody saw the weeks that passed where I had absolutely NO results whatsoever!

Nobody saw me battling depression, discouragement and thinking the same thing most people think: “This isn’t working!”

They only saw when I became successful and thought it came in an instant.

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Rule of thumb: What you reap, you will sow. (Gal. 6:7)

How To Make Your YouTube Channel Work For YOU 24/7

Now, I started with that story and the truth of being successful, because no matter what you do, you still will have to build momentum and success is ALWAYS built on the foundation of HARD-WORK… the lazy ones are the quitters, so I don’t want to share this “secret” with anyone who is lazy and is only going to use this for a couple days before giving up.

THIS TOOL that I’m going to suggest to you is PHENOMENAL and here’s why:

  • It sends videos to tons of people within your niches 24 hours of the day!
  • It Adds contacts to your YouTube address book so you can send messages to tons of people in an instant!
  • It Subscribes to tons of channels within your niches so you can easily connect to the communities that NEED your product!

ALL this works for you every hour of the day so YOU don’t have to!

If you’re like me, you’re used to thinking that in order to be successful on YouTube, you just had to:

  • Upload a video
  • Add a link to your product in the description
  • Share it on Facebook, email it to your list…
  • Wait and sit pretty

That may work to an extent… in fact, that’s EXACTLY how it worked for ME in the beginning… HOWEVER, these days, things are becoming a little more advanced, so a little more effort is needed to achieve the same success or better.

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[youtube id=”k2ATvG9SkMc” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

So What Is This Thing That Can Automate My YouTube Channel So I Don’t Have To Worry About It?

It is called… Tube Assist!

CLICK HERE to get Tube Assist NOW! (Opens in a New Window)

Tube Assist works ALL day and ALL night adding subscriptions, adding contacts and sending videos to people all over YouTube, expanding your reach and pulling in MORE and more business!

It’s an incredible tool!

Will It Get My Channel Shut Down?

That’s a great question, because I use YouTube strongly and I would NEVER use anything that would risk harming my channel!

Tube Assist doesn’t use any bots or artificial programs. What it does is pretty simple. In this example, let’s say I want to share a video with a bunch of people I don’t know but in a certain niche:

  1. You find and set your niche category (e.g. Empower Network)
  2. You choose a video from your own YouTube channel that you wish to share to these people in this niche
  3. You set it and forget it while the program does the rest.

Now what EXACTLY does it do once you set it?

  • Tube Assist goes into YouTube and types your niche into the search bar, like you would (e.g. Empower Network)
  • From the YouTube search results, it clicks on each of the videos and contacts the users.
  • It sends a message (that YOU write, btw) to each user. Because YOU wrote the message, that means it’s AUTHENTIC.
  • It never sends to the same person twice. So, no worries about multiple messages to the same user.
  • It times each message sent so YouTube doesn’t get suspicious that you’re abusing their system.
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Basically, it follows YouTube’s Terms Of Service so there are NO violations!

Now, mind you in order to cover myself here, I’m not making any guarantee that your YouTube channel will succeed OR not get shut down. Like anything, you can abuse this and be pretty darn stupid. So use responsibly. 

Anyway, if you want to make your YouTube channel work for you so you don’t have to, I highly recommend getting Tube Assist. There’s NO downloading required! 

CLICK HERE to get Tube Assist NOW!

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