Never Wake Up! Never Stop Dreaming!

I remember as a kid, I used to laugh – a lot.
I was so silly, throwing myself around the house (literally) and laughing on and on for hours… My parents couldn’t help but laugh along with me.
Wanna see what I looked like as a kid? If you can see pictures in e-mails then check this out:
Me as a kid with my cousin back in the day.

Me as a kid with my cousin back in the day.

Yep, that’s me in the red hat and white striped shirt. Good times.
I remember faintly just how good my life way back at that age. Everything was a fantasy. I could turn anything into a game and have fun playing with a piece of wood like it was a high quality toy.
You remember having an active imagination as a child? Do you remember those times when you believed you could do anything in life? I’m talking anything… the sky was the limit.
Remember those times?
Well, I do. I remember being told to get my head out of the clouds so many times.
I remember being told to “wake up” to the reality that was in front of me.
As I grew, people would think I was immature because I thought differently and I didn’t see the same limitations most people see.
I also never wanted a job!
I was told it was because I was lazy… and for a while, I believed them!
But what I realized was I was never lazy, I just thought differently.
Now, let’s take a look at YOU:

Who You Really Are And NOT Who They Want You To Be

What was your childhood like? Do you remember how free you felt?
What happened to bring you to this point in your life where now you’re more concerned about how the hell you’re going to pay for this month’s bills instead of how you can reach your dream lifestyle for you and your family?
…What happened to you?
Let me tell you:
You bought into a lie… and it’s not a lie from some “guru” or some lie from some work-from-home opportunity…
It’s a lie coming straight from this system that you trust in the most!
Did you want to be a big time actor? A cop? A fire fighter? A doctor?
Did you want to own lots of land and have a fancy sports car and a beautiful spouse by your side?
Well, what the hell happened?!
Why are you struggling with MONEY instead?? Why can’t you pay your bills on time? Why is every month a struggle after struggle???
You were told from a young child who you were going to be… instead of you telling everyone else who YOU were determined to be!
You need to realize that YOU have the power to be whoever you want to be!
Think about it… There ARE millionaires out there who aren’t famous… There are kids who grow up in rich homes… There are people who have the kind of lifestyle you always dreamed of…
So what makes them any different or less deserving than YOU?
You want my advice? DON’T-WAKE-UP!!!
Keep your head in the clouds!!! Work on your imagination!!! Be creative!!! 
You need to be who you really are, my friend! STOP letting everyone else tell you who you’re supposed to be – it’s obviously NOT working!
You are meant for great things my friend and I believe that.
So don’t let anyone tell you to wake up.
Don’t wake up. Keep dreaming and believing.
I’ll be dreaming with you.
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