NEXT Time You’re In An Argument… Say THIS! [Ways To Stop Fighting]

We all get into fights and arguments with our friends, spouse, significant other… so sometimes it helps to find ways to stop fighting!

I’ll be covering many different ways that you can put an end to the drama and put a smile on each other’s faces…

Today, I’d Like To Start With THIS One:

(FYI I’m not a fan of using “Christ” name in vain, so to my religious brothas out there, my apologies)

[youtube id=”IKNVNe9l3wM” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

I boldly DARE you to go out and TRY it! The next time you’re in an argument, go ahead and say this! 

Really! I DARE you! 🙂

Disclaimer: The Blogging Rapper is not responsible for any outcome you may have by using the advice given in this video. Use at your own discretion…

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