The Original PLAYSTATION 3 – Who Remembers This? [10 Years Later]

Who Remembers (and still loves) The Original Playstation 3?

Back in the early 2000s, Sony thought they could do no wrong. Their Playstation 3 was an ambitious project that was meant to excel the great success of the former Playstation 2. Unfortunately, with a console that cost them more money than earned due to the materials, the low amount of internal HDD storage and a hefty $500-600 price tag excelling that of the original Xbox 360… OH and don’t forget the crash of the Playstation Network… Playstation 3 stumbled and struggled in the shadow of the dominating Xbox 360 and at times, even the Nintendo Wii.

Still, there was LOTS to love with the Playstation 3. Once you’ve spent that hard earned money and placed it in your room for all eyes to see, you were greeted with a phenomenal gaming and entertainment experience almost about the seem experience that you can get now with online casino game if you are interesting in play online casino games check the info from

One of my best memories was Playstation Home, the premiere virtual-social network for PS3. It was a digital world to get lost in, and I’ve lost many hours building my avatar, my apartment and engaging with new friends.

Beyond that, the games library was extensive. There were a number of great exclusives that premiered only on PS3 – such as Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword (Anyone remember that one?) and many more! We recommend you to check over here the best games online to have fun with your friends.

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While it was prone to the same overheating weakness as the Xbox 360 (my console got the yellow light of DEATH, unfortunately), it wasn’t as common… I’m just lucky, I guess.

Eventually, I got the third generation of the Playstation 3 models to replace my dead console (super slim I think they call it) but I will always remember the countless hours of fun that was had on the original Playstation 3 gambling with friends.

How About You? Did you buy the original PS3? If so, is it still working? What’s one of your favorite memories with this aging system? Let me know in the COMMENTS section below!

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