DREAMCAST – TOP 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreamcast In 2017!

 Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dreamcast in 2017!

SEGA’s last console, the DREAMCAST, does not want to die (nor do we want it to). Almost 18 years since it’s initial US launch date (9/9/99) and there’s STILL much to do with SEGA’s last super-system. This video covers some of the great things you can still do with your Dreamcast… but of course, I’ll drop them down below for you bookworms out there:

5) Online Gaming STILL Going On!

The Dreamcast came bundled with a traditional 56k modem, which was ground breaking in 1999. For the first time, you could irritate your parents in a whole new way by tying up the lines while playing a game of Phantasy Star Online or NBA 2K1… A little while later, SEGA released a broadband adapter, as there are many games online, and you can even play casino games if you want which is as simply as going to the ilucki casino online and find the best games for you.

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That was… until the fans took power into their own hands.

If you want, you can use what’s called a DreamPi device to connect to your internet via wifi. Then, you set up game sessions by communicating in message boards, set up a time and details, and jump right in! Live out your gaming fantasies like the old days (gosh, can you believe those are now considered “old days”?)

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4) Games are STILL Being Developed & Released!

SEGA and most mainstream 3rd party developers may be done creating games for the SEGA Dreamcast… but that doesn’t mean EVERY developer is done! Since its cancellation, games have still been coming at a steady stream. Obviously, not as often… we’re talking about 2-5 games max – all of which from independent developers. This may make you think that some of the games are cheaper in quality, but surprisingly, many are pretty dang fun and well done. They’re no AAA titles, but they’re NEW games you can still get for the Dreamcast. Can’t beat that! If you’re looking for an exceptional sbobet88 login experience with a difference, well I recommend grand77bet.

3) Patches are STILL Being Released!

Okay, maybe this one was a bit of a stretch as it’s only one game we know of so far… SEGA’s own Floigan Bros. that was released after the Dreamcast was cancelled, just had a major update by the way of all DLC unlocked for gamers who still play it. I’ve honestly never played it, although I’ve always wanted to… and now, I may have more of a reason. Here is the vanguard hack website for one to get ahead in the game soon and have more fun.

2) You can play Dreamcast in HD!

Well, not true HD, but close enough. If you have a HD TV then yes, you can connect your Dreamcast to it using some upscaling cables and doohickies. There’s a few options, not just one, so I’ll leave you and Google to figure this one out. Point is, the end result will leave you with a more crisp image when playing your games and who doesn’t want that?

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1) SEGA to stream DREAMCAST games on Nintendo Switch!

Not really Dreamcast console related, but it is Dreamcast related nonetheless! And most excitedly, Dreamcast games on the Nintendo Switch – tentatively titled, Dream Stream! Now, as a diehard SEGA fan, why does this excite me so much? Well, because if SEGA is going to actively promote a GAME-STREAMING-SERVICE (even if it is exclusive to only the Switch) it makes me enthusiastic about the future for SEGA. If they become highly profitable with this, it could mean SEGA launching a more centralized campaign of games… maybe on one particular platform… maybe on a particular console in the future? A Dreamcast 2 dare I say? Want to know What is RuneScape? This amazing game has amazing reviews.

I know. Wishful thinking. I’ll never stop wishing for that.

Still, a streaming service by SEGA is pretty dang exciting.

Well, what do YOU think? Were you surprised by any of this? What about SEGA’s streaming service: Dream Stream?? Are you looking forward to it? Sound off in the COMMENTS below!

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