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Hey there! I haven’t done one of these proof videos in a while, so I wanted to follow up with a quickie just to show you that my methods are STILL-WORKING! Yes, they are!

Just last June of 2012, I was going from mall to mall hitting up all the stores to apply for jobs. McDonalds turned me down because I had a college degree. The bigger corporations turned me down because I lacked experience. I lacked experience…because I couldn’t find a job!

Ain’t life just great?

Well, with overdrafts galore, plummeting further in debt every month and the government ejecting us from the food stamps program because we made a few bucks over their limit… All I had was a computer and an internet connection!

Over a year later… BAM!!!

Check Out My Latest Proof Video!

[youtube id=”3cuQsseXq7U” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

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