WHAT IS YOUR “WHY”? – Why Do You Want Financial Freedom?

Is it just enough to say “I want to be rich”? Is it enough to simply say “I want money… because I need money”?

If that’s your goal – for the sheer reason of needing it, you won’t get very far. Let’s be real, you won’t – because you have no real goal… no reason with no end result, no reward for obtaining it.

There is a strong effect that happens when you resonate your goal with a solid and clear reason behind it… So, think about it.

Why do you want financial freedom?

For me, it’s because I want to spend time with my retired parents and pull them out of their unnecessary debt.

Because I want to enjoy my daughter growing up – ALL of it; Not a fraction of it.

Because I want to use whatever time I could be working, reaching out and encouraging other people – effectively changing their lives for the better!

I want to coach, I want to lead! I want to be ME!

What Is YOUR Why?

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