R.I.P Paul Walker – The Fast And Furious Movie Series

A tragic and ironic way to go… Paul Walker, co-star of The Fast And Furious died on ┬áNovember 30th in a fiery crash…

Paul Walker wasn’t behind the wheel, as he and his friend who was driving both died in a Porsche race car…. Tragic indeed.

Paul Walker who leaves behind a 16 year old daughter was only 40 years old when he passed and was in the progress of filming the 7th Fast And Furious film as well as another film that was meant to be released to the public later this month. It’s been in question to whether or not the upcoming Fast and Furious film should be re-filmed, but has since then been confirmed they will go ahead with the film despite Walker’s untimely demise.

It’s been said that Paul Walker was a man of faith, and while he may have left this world a bit early, it’s comforting to know he knew what was waiting for him on the other side. My prayers go with his family and especially his daughter in this unimaginably horrible time…

Rest in peace, Mr. Walker.

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