So Why Do You Want To Be Wealthy? I’ll Tell You My Reasons…

I can tell you why I want to be wealthy, HERE— Read this list below! 

  • I believe having money gives me the freedom of time, which can be spent to doing things I’m more passionate doing.
  • I want to go on tour full time as a Christian rap artist to perform for teens and adults and give them positive music that contradicts Hollywood’s music of “money, sluts, drugs”.. I want to be a good influence!
  • I want two homes: One in New York City where I was raised and one in Texas, where my wife was raised. We will spend 6 months in each home (give or take) so we can always be near our families AND since we have no “JOBS”, there will be nothing to bound us to any one location.
  • I have written a few big checks in the last two years to things I believed in and to help people I know were struggling like I was. There is a sense of joy that comes over me when I give. You can call it karma, I call it Good Will.
  • I want to get my parents out of debt! My dad put me through college on his credit card! He has given literally everything for me and it’s about time I give him and mom it all back – tenfold!
  • I want to lay the foundation for my future generations! I don’t just want to strike the lotto and enjoy my riches for myself…. I want to lift my daughter up and future children to where they know what the standard is – so their children and their grandchildren… and their grandchildren’s grandchildren will NEVER struggle because of finances.
  • I want the freedom to travel and pour into people’s lives with messages of hope, healing, forgiveness… to coach and restore people… I can’t do that behind an office desk… So I want to be wealthy to bless others!
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So, What Is YOUR Why? Watch My Video Below:

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