Should Your Sponsor Charge For Personal Training?

When I think of PERSONAL TRAINING I almost always think there’s a dollar figure that goes with that. Personal training almost always comes at a cost – that’s just a fact of life.

If you want to learn how to play an instrument and some average person with a knack for music is offering classes – well, you may pay them for their time to tutor you.

If you want to get fit and just going to the gym isn’t cutting it, well you may want a personal trainer to help get you in shape.

Personal training means you’re looking for someone to invest their time in helping you to learn something that you otherwise are not able to understand on your own – and under every circumstance, we all understand that people charge for their time to do so.

Yet, somehow when you throw in the words “sponsor” and “marketing” together, there’s a good sum of people who go up-in-arms about the subject. Their view is, “If this person is my sponsor, any personal training I need should be free to me! I mean after all, I chose them! They’re already getting my money – why get more?” 

This way of thinking is flawed on so many levels. First of all, let’s refer to our earlier examples. In almost every other situation the exchange is money for time and we never question it.

 Now, regarding marketing: While it’s true the individual(s) are already paying said sponsor, that payment is in regards to the company they are a member of. To say that personal training outside the training held within the company is an absurd idea. That’s like going to McDonalds to buy a burger and getting upset because you have to pay extra for fries.

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This sounds very much like an entitlement mindset. The sponsor is not responsible for anything other than getting you started with the same material they were given from the company you both chose. Anything outside that has its own rules.

I say this not because I am that sponsor we’re discussing, but because so many people have a brainwashed way of thinking. If you were put in that position with a large downline, I would hope you either charge to put your business on hold just to personally coach someone, otherwise you will find yourself stuck on the phone all day, not making money and will eventually bleed yourself dry. Now if it’s team training or answering emails, etc  that I can understand.


While there is much to say about this subject, I felt a video was in order. Please watch this video all the way through and comment below!

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