Are You Worth Being Successful? What Do You Fight For?

These days I come across people on internet marketing and ask them the obvious question:

“Why are you in internet marketing?”

You know what they say?

“To Make Money”

As candid a response that is, that’s not the answer I was hoping to hear. In fact, with one person, their quote on Facebook was “M.C.E – Money Changes Everything” and yes, on the surface, you have so many more freedoms if you have money. You can do lots more if you had the money to do them with – that’s just the reality of life.

But the question I pose is to query the mindset and see how they’re thinking.

I’m sure if I were to go up to any millionaire, their response would not be the same. Even motivational speakers who are very rich and wealthy – If I were to ask them why they do what they do, I’m sure they would have a very different response.

So what it draws down to is an analysis of self and determining what this one key factor is…

What Do you Fight For?

When I ask you why you’re in internet marketing or why do you do what you do – I’m asking for the key motivator behind it. Money should ONLY be an outcome, a result, an after-thought… NOT the key motivator. If money is on the forefront of your mind, your priorities will always be out of order – and you will never be satisfied once you reach your goals…. IF you reach your goals.

Watch This Video Below And See What MY Key Motivator Is:

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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