What Kinds Of Freedoms Would You Have If You Lived Your Life Without An Alarm Clock?

The luxury homes and $300 K sports cars may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people prefer the simpler things in life and you know what? That’s OKAY.

Not every wealthy person has those things either, and it’s not because they can’t afford it – it’s because they simply don’t have a desire for those things. Maybe that’s you… Or maybe it’s not. Depends on your personality type.

But I do want you to take a moment and follow my thought process. For a moment take a look at this picture below:



I want you to look at this home and imagine with me what it would feel like to say you own something this beautiful.

Maybe you’re only interest is getting out of debt. That’s kinda a poor man’s game, because honestly, you shouldn’t have gotten into debt in the first place. What’s going to happen once you finally get out of it?

This home would be a reflection of the lifestyle you’re living.

  • Imagine living without an alarm clock… (I’ve done this!)
  • Imagine living without answering to a man or woman who cuts you a pay check… (I’ve done this!)
  • Imagine being able to support charities you truly believe in… St. Jude’s Hospital for kids…. local veterinary clinics… churches you support… Oh, and imagine being able to give more than just a couple bucks, too. (I’ve done this!)
  • Imagine helping family members that you know are struggling. Writing a check for $500 or $1,000 to help them cover their bills and get back on their feet. (I’ve done this!)

I’m not talking about transforming you to a booshie, spoiled, rich person. I’m talking about giving your the FREEDOM to make your own rules without the ever looming fear of bills, debt and being on time with a cup of coffee for your job.

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What would that life be worth to you? 

Watch this video below and follow along with me on this mental exercise: 

[iframe id=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/t1eOdZBCvCk” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

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