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All Right, Let’s Get Started With Your Free System!

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Setting this thing up is easy, and should take you approximately 20-30 minutes, unless you barely know how to turn on your computer (LOL). Whether you’re a newbie to computers or a veteran, this guide will walk you through everything step-by-step.

In this video, I also show you HOW to find your username and how to find your referral link, which is the link you’re going to need in order to start marketing and making money.

Things To Keep In Mind:

Capture Page – Is a web page that “captures” your visitor’s information. (Name and email address). You will absolutely need both in order to keep in touch with them.

Lead – A visitor who types their name and email address in your capture page and enters it to go to the next page is called a “lead”. Most online marketers are pretty successful with getting leads, HOWEVER, getting leads does NOT equal getting money. A lead needs to CONVERT first.

Conversion – A lead who enters his / her information on your capture page and THEN purchases your product (or in this case, follows the same four steps you’re doing) THAT is called a “conversion”. When a lead converts… THAT’S when you get money! Again, it’s easy to get leads once you start getting traffic to your site… the skill is getting leads to convert.

Webinars – A webinar is a video seminar, typically just a video that explains it all! In this case, this webinar explains how the entire FREE system works before you do anything.

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Setting Up Your FREE Home Business:

There are four steps here. You only NEED to do the first three to be set up and ready to go. Step Four is optional because it links you to another service separate from Instant Payday Network, called Empower Network – a viral blogging platform. Personally, I have an account with them as well and have earned a few thousand dollars from it as well. Complete Step Four if you’re interested in using the blogging technique to generate income.


  • When Completing Steps 1 and 2, stick to the FREE trials within the My Cash Freebies websites.
  • The goal for Steps 1 and 2 is to get a full 1.0 credit on both Express My Cash Freebies AND Double My Cash Freebies in order to qualify for making money through My Cash Freebies.
  • Most of the Free Trials are TIMED (example: 30 Day Free Trial, etc) Make sure you know how long the free trial is and CANCEL them before the trial period is up to avoid being charged.
  • Make sure you cancel whatever Free timed trials you are participating in AFTER you get your credit from that trial.
  • READ the descriptions for each trial by putting your mouse over the selected trial you wish to complete.

Step-By-Step Guide To Set Up Your Free Home Business

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