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*Huff…Puff* Okay… There We Go. We’re Almost DONE!

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Tons of fun, right? Well guess what? It’s almost over! Not too shabby, right?

Things To Keep In Mind:

Step Four: This is a separate marketing system called Empower Network. Unlike Instant Payday Network, this one does cost to get started, which is why it’s an optional step for those who are only seeking for a free method to making money online.

Empower Network has helped me earn thousands online as well! The idea is as you start to build your home business, you want to have multiple income streams. By doing this, you increase your potential income.

You can choose to either join now or join when you are ready to. If you wish to join Empower Network right now, you can do so by clicking THIS LINK and joining my team, The Prosperity Team.

Once You Are Doing With At Least Steps 1-3, You Are Completely DONE Setting Up Your Free Home Business!

Make Sure You Have Your Referral Link! 

A Referral Link is the link you will use to promote your business. WRITE THIS DOWN: 

It will be something like: http://www.instantpaydaynetwork.com/YOUR-USER-NAME

(Replace YOUR-USER-NAME with whatever user name you created when you completed Step Three)

Log Into Your Back Office: http://instantpaydaynetwork.com/admin

Setting Up Your FREE Home Business:

  • I highly recommend uploading your photo in you back office. It helps people see you as a real person!
  • You will have to set up your 3rd Party Autoresponder in your back office soon. (Next video series will show you how)
  • My Cash Freebies partners with Fortune 500 Companies (companies everybody knows) and the money comes from these companies and their advertising budget. THAT’S where the money is coming from.
  • You will make money when people you refer complete Steps 1 and 2 under your referral link (which is why you need your referral link)

Step-By-Step Guide To Set Up Your Free Home Business

NEXT UP: Let’s Talk About AutoResponders: Click Here.

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