Top 5 Blogging Tips For A Successful Blog

If you haven’t read my article entitled, “Here’s The Truth About Blogging” then I highly suggest you read it before proceeding with today’s article.

Here’s Your Top 5 Blogging Tips For A Successful Blog

Read through these and drop a comment below to let me know if you’re aware of these blogging suggestions:

  1. You Need To Build Momentum – No one starts off making money right out the gate. You can’t think that from Day 1, you’ll make a little money from one blog post and slowly make more and more with every new article. You need to understand this isn’t a job where you get paid by time like any other job. If blogging is your business, you’ll need to sacrifice and put in your time to build a reputation.
  2. Find Your Audience – As you blog, think about who you are writing for. You need to understand that as a blogger, you’re solving a problem someone has, so you need to identify who is it you’re writing for and cater to them. Best way to find your audience is by doing some research on other blogs and read through the comments to see how people react.
  3. Blog DAILY – Consistency is one of the key reasons why bloggers start making money. Good news is, with consistency, it won’t take too much time before you start seeing some money coming in. The reason why being consistent is so important is because the biggest way someone is going to find you is through a search engine. Search engines index websites that have content created on a regular basis, so if you’re not consistent, you’ll be at the bottom of the search results.
  4. Make Friends With Other Bloggers – If you want to make money, understand this principle: It’s not all about you! Find other blogs in your niche and be a regular subscriber to their blogs. Comment on their blog articles and engage with them. This is a good chance to share your message and in turn, you’ll build your own readership.
  5. Become An Affiliate – Get an account with Google Adsense and post their banner on your site. Do the same with affiliate products like Amazon, Clickbank, and others. When people click those ads and follow through, you get a small chunk of change. Not too impressive, huh? Well, if you follow my previous tips, you will build a large enough audience and that small chunk of change can turn to a good amount of moola. If you sell affiliate products, many of them pay out pretty well too. With Empower Network, you can make anywhere from $25 for the first product, or $3,500 for another product!
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