Why Branding Yourself Is Important

Ever wonder why some people think it’s so difficult promoting an affiliate product?

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Are you an affiliate marketer selling someone else’s product?

Nothing wrong with that at all – in fact, many people make a good living from it.

I certainly did.

There’s this thing people say that 90-something percent of affiliate marketers fail in their first year… but what they don’t get is WHY.

When you’re promoting an affiliate product, tell me… about how many other people are promoting that same product?

Probably lots.

So, what’s going to get you going is simply this – SELF-BRANDING.

People don’t buy a product solely because of the product… People buy from people.

I’ve had tons of people get into my business over someone else who promoted the exact same thing simply because they liked me more.

It’s self branding. When you can stand as your own leader and promote your own special qualities, people will follow you into business!

It’s about you, my friend!

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