What is YOUR Story? Here Is Mine!

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MY STORY: How It All Started…

In 2007, I moved from New York City to Texas to marry the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or kissed…

Shortly after, I got a job a Lowe’s to pay the bills. I spent two years working there full time and as I worked day in and day out I realized how much control my job had over my day.

For example, I’m an avid church goer. It’s part of my belief system, and this job kept me from going 2 to 3 Sundays out of the month. That closeness I had with community and God was getting weaker as my wife was able to go but I was not.

I’ve always been a guy with a great work ethic, but one thing I can’t stand is being controlled… and not progressing into anything greater.

I found that working a full time job – I was getting BOTH.

My First Try At A Home Business

So, I put some money away and made the risky move of quitting Lowe’s in favor of working from home as a comic book artist / illustrator via freelance…

That didn’t work out so well…

It’s not that I didn’t have the skills… I’m very talented in that area… It’s that I didn’t have the business savvy.

So in 2010 I left my full-time job at Lowe’s in favor of doing freelance artwork from home… The work conditions was phenomenal but the pay due to lack of business experience was…sucky.

After three months, I decided to try to get back into the work force since I just couldn’t figure out how to make my home business work for me…

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Oddly enough, this was right around the time the job market and economy took it’s BIG crash nationwide and jobs were incredibly scarce!

The Two Year Struggle & $30K Debt

The year was 2012 and I still could not find a job… ANYWHERE. I began hating myself and thinking about what my family and in-laws must have thought of me…

My wife was out there taking on babysitting gig after gig as the only way we were able to just scrape by on our living expenses.

I’m a Christian man, I have this thing about a man being the provider for the home. Yes, a woman has a right to work too if she so chooses… but she didn’t want to. She was dying to become a stay-at-home mom (we had not had our first child yet, but was eager to start trying).

So from 2010 to 2012, we accrued up to $30K in debt… to be fair, some of it was my wife’s college loans that still had not been paid off.. but the rest was living expenses. Food. Gas. Water.

I spent many days looking online for….SOMETHING.

We were on food stamps for a bit…

We over-drafted on our bank account several times…

I went from store to store within malls looking for work…


My Second Try At A Home Business

In June of 2012, I looked at my computer and thought that if no one was going to hire me, I had to find a way to “hire myself”. I’ve always heard about these money making schemes online and like most people, I was skeptical at best… but I reasoned that somehow… SOMEHOW there has to be a legitimate way of making money on the internet.

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How can so many people talk about making money online if they’re ALL scams???

It just didn’t seem possible… there had to be a way that worked. It just required a lot of research to find out how to do it.

And so I dug in and started to search hard for a way that could save my family.

I Found My Success With A Home Business

After some prayer and heavy research, I began to understand the landscape of online marketing and how work from home businesses work. I began to implement many things I was taught and to be honest, I didn’t see a dime of profit for the first 4 weeks.

During that time, my skepticism meter continued to rise but I really had no other choice. Not like I was going to make money with any other job because there was none to offer me.

Then on the 5th week… My first $110 commission came in.

Everything began to flow easier after that point until I reached the level where I began making up to $250 per day working from home!

Suffice to say, I found my way. Yes, there has been many challenges along the way including losing my entire business and having to rebuild it, but there’s been sooo much I have learned through this experience that I find myself fortunate and blessed to learn how to put faith in myself and run a business that I can enjoy from home.

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