HOW TO Build Longterm Results For Your Business

In any form of business or team building, a lot (not all, but a lot) of people go for the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” philosophy when it comes to helping others. If someone needs a hand, they’re usually met with someone trying to pitch them something. Now, I understand there are exceptions, for instance if there is a training resource that does a thorough job of solving one’s needs, then by all means, use that as an opportunity to pitch that product. However, if someone is just looking for answers and it doesn’t take much out of your day to help them… then help them!

I’ve helped people who are in the same business as mine even if they are under another sponsor. Why? Because I don’t look at people as marks, I look at people… as people.

What everyone needs to understand is the longterm benefits of being honest and transparent: 

  • You build an authentic relationship that’s made on getting to know a person for who they are
  • You build  trust as a result of an authentic relationship
  • Trust allows you the ability to sell products to them later, from other business ventures or otherwise

Those are just some benefits on how this approach can help your business… HOWEVER, don’t just look at it as a longterm way of suckering a fella outta their cash. Look at it as a way of making a friend who will trust what you say because you have their best interests at heart.

Let me ask you this… who do you trust more: One of your personal friends or an acquaintance?

That’s how it works. If you see me around every so often on Youtube or on my blog but you don’t know me, then you can’t really be sure that the products I’m promoting are things I believe in or not. You don’t know if I would really help you as your sponsor or if my only interest is to make some quick cash… That’s because although you know of me… you don’t know me. I’m an acquaintance.

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HOWEVER, if you take the time to know me on a personal level… you get to know my interests… we talk just to talk without any hidden motive… we hang out, etc… I become a friend. You get to know me and know what my motives really are. That’s when you begin to trust me, because we have a relationship.


You’ll find that if you don’t try so hard to skip from A to B for that instant gratification… you’ll wind up having RESPECT and a GOOD REPUTATION that will not only help you to make money… but to keep making money for months and years to come!

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