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Beavis Sacatta and Buen Provecho!! It’s Jason, The Blogging Rapper! My story follows my dream to create great music and live the life of a rapper full time, doing shows and sharing my music with the world… However, one thing stands in the way - DEBT! Follow me on my journey to get out of debt and become a full time rap artist. In order to reach my goal, I need to create a stable income to support a family and have excess to pay off debt! For me, the 9-5 job alone just won’t cut it! There’s alternative income sources we can choose with unlimited earning potential! This is my road to financial freedom and living the dream! If you’re looking to break away from your traditional job and you long to start dreaming again, let me inspire you on how you can earn an income anywhere you are, prepare yourself with motivation and inspirational messages, and let me show you how to follow your dreams until it becomes your reality!

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