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Got Some Money? Put It To Paid Advertising

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The idea is to take about 20% of money you earn for your business and put it to advertising. Of course, you can always do more, but this is the suggested amount.

PROMOTED POSTS – Take posts on your Fan Page that could potentially bring you more business, and put a few bucks to reach more people and their friends (or you can select who to target).

SIDE ADS – Appear on the right side of Facebook. Take some time and analyze what ads are being presented to you. Pay attention to the titles and words being used and which ones may encourage you to click on it and why.

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Facebook CPC Ads Part 2

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Think about the audience you are advertising to. This is the first and most important step
  • Do your research on your target audience by going to www.alexa.com and typing in the keyword you’re looking to target there.
  • Get your audience on Facebook to be between 2,000-20,000
  • Break each side ad into individual demographics (example: one ad for each gender and one ad for each age range like 21-31, 31-41, etc)
  • Manually bid your ads at about 3 cents over the suggested bid. The price will go down in price if it’s successful.
  • ALL Facebook Ads must be approved by a Facebook staff member. Approvals take anywhere from a few mins to 24 hours to approve.
  • REMEMBER you do NOT want to be SPAMMY or SCAMMY. Be honest.
  • Make sure your ads are cohesive with your capture pages. Use similar words from your capture page into your ad

To Keep Track Of Traffic On Your Site: Use Google Analytics: CLICK HERE

Use your Google Analytics code and plug it into your WordPress or Empower Network blog to keep track of your daily traffic.

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Traffic

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