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Get Some More Traffic With The Search Engines We All Know And Love

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Things To Keep In Mind:

  • All three CPC sites have a similar layout.
  • Navigation through your ads are as follows: Campaigns >> Ad Groups >> Keywords >> Ads
  • Don’t use anything spammy or scammy.
  • Tweak the wording or capture pages of your ads often to test what works better for you.

Websites with scammy sounding capture pages won’t be accepted by Google, YouTube or Bing. It may actually be more beneficial to create your own capture pages specifically for these three because their rules are more strict.

The way to succeed with paid ads is: TEST, TEST, TEST. Seriously.

There’s no “Do THIS exactly and you will win the big bucks

Different ads will trigger different responses in different people. THEREFORE, the best way to win is by doing some keyword research and learning who you’re targeting with your ads.

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Traffic

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