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Time To Get Some Traffic – For FREE!

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NOTE: As long as you are consistent in creating content, you are ALREADY generating some traffic. Creating content is for people looking for you. Getting traffic methods like Craigslist is YOU looking for people.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Post Craigslist Ads in “Sm Biz Ads” so it’s free for you.
  • Post ONCE per day to avoid having your ads ghosted.

How To Tell If Your Ad Has Been Ghosted On Craigslist:

Look at your ad on your cell phone (not using wifi but your 4G cell connection). If you can see it on your computer but not on your phone (which using the 4G cell connection brings up a different ip address from your computer) then you have been ghosted.

How To Avoid Being Ghosted On Craigslist:

  • Use your own domain name (register one on Dreamhost: CLICK HERE)
  • Host DNS with your domain name (follow instructions from your host as they may differ)
  • Don’t use crazy numbers, all capital letters or exclamation points – it will make you sound spammy
  • Use images to help attract attention
  • Don’t post too many times on Craigslist in one day
  • Don’t post the same ads word-for-word multiple times. Switch things up

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Craigslist Training – Part 2

Recommended Tool: TCK.ME (Track Me) CLICK HERE

TCK.ME lets you set up multiple capture pages for the same product to do “split-testing” to see which capture pages are working better for you. You get your own “short URL” or “short domain” to use in your advertising and while using that same URL / domain, you start learning which capture page is doing better. You can scale up from there!

Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Traffic


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