Praying For Miley Cyrus

I know how some people will react to the very notion that I’m writing an article about “praying for Miley Cyrus”… almost as if praying for someone is now a bad thing! This only goes to show just how far we’ve fallen in our American values… When someone wishes to pray for another, it’s in fact a GOOD thing…

That being said, I need to address something…


Miley Cyrus – Cause And Effect

I had a discussion with a personal friend of mine the other day, and while we were talking about other mainstream artists, no one comes to mind more at this moment than Miley Cyrus.

For the record, I have nothing but a natural desire to see her well and not go down the path of destruction that some other young mainstream artists have gone. I know the argument fully well – “She’s making money so she can do whatever she wants” And yeah, even she makes that clear in her “We Can’t Stop” song… I have no interest in being objective toward her success as an artist, but it’s hard to deny that her actions recently have not been in her own best interests.

Her father is responsible for getting her started in the mainstream industry… And here’s the cause and effect part: She became a role model to THOUSANDS of young girls! I know this because I was an interim children’s pastor for three years and I recall singing the first few words of Miley’s “The Climb” song to see if the kids knew it and before I could finish one line of her lyrics, the entire room erupted in a chorus to finish the song.

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The Miley defenders would say that it’s not her fault for being a role model to thousands of kids and yadda yadda… Well, stop trying to be so dismissive and think for a moment: ANYONE who is put in the spotlight becomes a role model, whether intentional or not. I hold no anger towards her. In fact, I’m praying for her… because I don’t want her to become just another sex idol. I don’t want her to think that the only way she can be successful in the mainstream world is by parading around in little to no clothing and posing in all suggestive poses.

We used to praise people who went against the grain and became their own person. I can’t stand when someone says “Oh, Miley’s just trying to be herself”…. Are you kidding me?

First of all, unless you’re a personal friend, there’s no way you can tell she’s trying to be “herself” or find her own “individuality”… She’s just becoming another faceless sex idol who will be forgotten soon as the next girl comes along. The benefit of her doing what’s she’s doing is only temporary… But how many times do we need to see this happen from mainstream start to mainstream star and fall into the same pitfall?

I Pray For Her Peace And Happiness

It looks like her relations with her family hasn’t been the same… and that’s a clear indication that something is wrong. Doesn’t matter who’s “Fault” it is, when the family unit is broken down and seen with such little regard, you know they’re in the danger zone.

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I do not know Miley Cyrus… I have no personal connection with her… I am simply stating a petition to prayer for her. I pray she does well, and I pray for healing in whatever areas of her life she is currently struggling in. If there’s any issues, I want them gone. I also want her to know that she can be a girl of talent and comfortable in her own skin without having to re-identify herself. She can be herself and I hope she will discover that soon.

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