Make Money Blogging Tip #2: Selling Affiliate Products & Which To Choose

Welcome back to my “Make Money Blogging Tips” series here on my website… Let’s get right into it and run through the basic things you need for your blog and what you can do in order to start making money with your blog right away! Of course, if any of this confuses you or you have any questions, you can drop a comment below and I’d be happy to address them!

Let’s Make Some Money By Blogging

First of all, you need to get a blog. If you have one, sweet! If you don’t, here are my 2 recommendations:

  1. Empower Network – CLICK HERE This is the viral blogging platform that’s really becoming popular. You can see its current Alexa ranking to see how it ranks alongside several other websites. If you choose this option, I have special offers to get traffic for your blog right away! Feel free to ask fore more info.
  2. Self Hosted Blog – CLICK HERE If you wish to host your own blog, I can set it up for you for FREE if you click the link provided.

Next, you need to FIND YOUR NICHE. A niche is your audience. As you’ll read in my article, the goal with your blog is to find your audience and figure out a problem that they have. You must then find a way to solve it for them. It’s a classic supply and demand deal.

Finally, once you have found your niche and discovered the problem you need to solve, you’ll quickly learn what to write about. I wrote an article on that as well, this should get you started on the right path.

Don’t forget that when you start building your readership, you’ll need to follow up with them using an autoresponder where you can just write up some emails and have them saved in your autoresponder so it can email your fans and guide them through the same high valued experience you want them to experience. This is great because it also encourages them to come back to your blog and build a relationship with you.

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Now you’re ready to start making some money!

What Are Affiliate Products And How Can They Make Me Money?

How-To-Sell-Products-For-An-Affiliate-Marketing-ProgramYour job as a blogger is to create content consistently… and by consistently, of course I mean – daily.

GASP! Yes, daily. Why? Because Google will love you for it, and you most certainly want Google to love you! Trust me… if you want to build passive income where you can spend the whole day sitting on your butt playing video games and write one article per day and get money coming in even for articles you wrote years ago… You’ll want to do this.

In the meantime, as you’re creating content for your readers, you can direct them to products that can help answer their problems with such things known as affiliate products.

An affiliate product is something that you don’t “own” or at least, you didn’t create, and you try to sell it on the creator’s behalf. The creator gets a cut and you get a cut. It’s a win-win for everybody.

There are many affiliate products out there, so for you blog, I recommend selling affiliate products that are relatable to your niche.

This means, you don’t want to start a blog called “Pet My Kitty” and sell an eBook called “I Hate Pets”… I can pretty much guarantee you won’t sell much…

If you find the right products that relate to your niche and they offer great quality much like your blog articles themselves, you’ll find that you can make a BUNCH of money!

Why? Well let’s analyze this:

  1. You’ve built a blog where are offering GREAT content with the focus of HELPING your audience FIRST… You offer tips and real advice that will make your audience LOVE you!
  2. You keep your relationship with your audience strong by emailing them reminders to come back to your blog for more great content with your autoresponder. You answer any emails they send back, etc etc… You show an honest interest in them.
  3. At this point, you’ve built a foundation for TRUST based on your efforts to prove yourself as someone NOT trying to grab at their wallets, but as someone that is helping them FIRST, then following up with them. By doing this, your audience loves and trusts you.
  4. NOW, you offer affiliate products! These affiliate products are NOT just “MAKE MONEY FAST” products that don’t work… They’re products relating to your niche, preferably ones YOU have tried yourself, and recommend because of your own experience.
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Because you now have an audience that loves and trusts you, they are less skeptical when you promote an affiliate product! See how it works? 

The DO’s and DONT’S Of Affiliate Products


  • Sell Products YOU have tried YOURSELF and seen results
  • Sell Products that relate to your niche (again, NO anti-pet products if you run a blog about kitties…)
  • Offer affiliate products with incentives to give your audience an added bonus for purchasing the product with YOU instead of someone else


  • Sell Products YOU haven’t tried, but only heard about
  • Become more focused on selling products than continuing your valuable content. That whole “salesman” pitch will completely ruin your reputation that you’ve worked hard to build
  • Neglect to do follow-ups with people who purchase affiliate products from you (Don’t see them as just another “sale” or “mark“) These are YOUR people!

Where Can I Find Affiliate Products To Sell?

affiliate-marketingOne of the biggest resources for niche-based affiliate products is a website called Click Bank. This website has tons of products and tons of options on selling those products! Also, if you happen to create a product that you want to promote, you can do so through Click Bank! It’s an all-in-one shop for online marketers. True, there are some stinkers in there but I’ve seen a lot of valuable products there as well. Just do a little digging and remember to keep it within your niche!

Another website is called JVNewsWatch. This website is a little easier to follow because it just has a list of upcoming release dates for affiliate products. The problem is, it only ever shows release dates so you don’t really know how well the products have done in the past. Sure, each product will have a “sales page” where it shows off how incredible is has already done during soft or pre-launches, but of course, it’s meant to build hype. You can certainly find some great products to become an affiliate of, and it’s more “user-friendly” but without a proven track record on most of the products, you’re pretty much dealt a hit-or-miss. Of course, all this could be avoided by doing some research on the product from objective sources.

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What Affiliate Products Do I Sell?

In case you’re interested in knowing what I sell and if you’re interested in joining me with my business ventures,  here’s a list of what I promote (and have personal experience AND success with each):

  • Instant Payday Network – 100% FREE to get started and maintain and you can make $50-300 per day based on how much action you take.
  • Empower Network (Blogging Platform) – You’ve heard me promoting this already. Nuff said.
  • Viral Facebook Formula – If you’re a Facebook junkie, you might as well make some money while you’re on it. With a little elbow grease, you can learn how to make money without acting like a “Salesman”. It’s actually a simple but effective formula.
  • Aweber – Definitely one of the top autoresponders out there. You’re going to need one anyway, and when you join, you can also become an affiliate and earn money from Aweber as well.

There’s more out there that I’ve purchased for myself and sell, but these are the top. You can always find more at my MARKETING TOOLS page that I personally use.

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